Doc Phineas is starring in the new movie DUDS which is taking the Steampunk World by storm.

A sold out capacity crowd attended the steamy premiere in San Diego"s Crystal.Ballroom decked out in their Steampunk Finery. " I loved DUDS starring DOC and it's hysterical and I could watch it every day!" Exclaimed Richard Lanz principal of Steampunk Shenanigans of SD. DUDS nominated for best comedic short at Tokyo Film Fest this year is now headed for Atlanta film Fest. The Charlie Chaplin Film Fest in Ireland before Cannes!!

DUDS is directed by Jeff Zempino and costars Mark Gordon, Inara Michelle with Doc Phineas playing the two leading characters of Freddie the Freeloader and Frederick Fiddlefaddle the IVth.

FIRE Magazine praised DUDS ," Doc Phineas is a delight in the wildest movie hitting the festival circuit currently. DUDS directed by Jeff Zempino is a silent black and white crackly film tribute to the movies of Charlie Chaplin. DOC plays a hobo riding boxcar s homeless who falls into a trunk filled with the finest DUDS of the day : top hats and tails....this launches the hobo to impersonate the great concert pianist Frederick Fiddlefaddle the IVth also played by Doc.

The hysterical shenanigans he pulls off with fellow kickdog hobo Mark Gordon are constant knee slappers. The film has such great flow one hardly notices its silent. The audience screaming with laughter at Doc is the only reminder that this is the way movies were made during the time of Chaplin and catapulted him to international fame much like the career of Doc Phineas!" We highly recommend a fun time watching DUDS!!

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